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Shipping & Returns works hard to provide you with the best quality products at great prices. Most of our items are custom so all sales are final. Wait? What? But, we know things happen so… 

Q.  What if my item comes damaged?

A. If your item arrives damaged and it looks like it was damaged in transit please take a photo (or two) and send to We will work it out with the carrier and will replace your item.


Q. What if I notice a misspelling or a typo that I did not see before? 

A. proofreads your order twice but it is possible for us to miss something which is why we wait for final approval from you before we send your order to production. It is the client’s responsibility to proof and approve the order. However, when possible we will make every effort to share in the cost of the replacement with the client.  Please email us and send a photo to


Q. How soon do I need to let you know there is a problem? 

A. As soon as possible. We only have one day to let us our sign supplier know if there is a mistake or problem so please let us know within 24 hours of delivery. While we have a little more time on other items as they say, the sooner the better.


Q. Can I return custom apparel? 

A. Once a garment is personalized we cannot except returns unless the item is misprinted or defective. Sizing can be different from brand to brand. Please read the sizing information for garments. Contact us about purchasing a sample for sizing.   




We can ship to virtually any address in the United States. Please let us know if your shipping address is not your property address.  Most of our items include shipping,  For items that do not include shipping we do our best to provide estimated shipping.  

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