Shipping & Returns is not responsible for items that are lost after they are delivered by Fed Ex or UPS (or other carriers.)  As of 2020 many carriers are leaving packages at the door and not requiring a signature. We will send you shipping information and tracking updates so please watch for your package to arrive.  

Q.  I understand is not responsible if a package is delivered by I didn't get it. But what am I supposed to do? 

A.  If the carrier shows your package was delivered chances are it is at the property and you just can't find it. Check with all the employees including the maintenance staff.  Look for the package in the office and the maintenance shop and it will most likely turn up.  If you still can't find it use the tracking information we sent you to reach out to the carrier. works hard to provide you with the best quality products at great prices. Most of our items are custom so all sales are final. Wait? What? But, we know things happen so… 

Q.  What if my item comes damaged?

A. If your item arrives damaged and it looks like it was damaged in transit please take a photo (or two) and send to We will work it out with the carrier and will replace your item.


Q. What if I notice a misspelling or a typo that I did not see before? 

A. proofreads your order twice but it is possible for us to miss something which is why we wait for final approval from you before we send your order to production. It is the client’s responsibility to proof and approve the order. However, we want to share the cost, so for many items we have "replacement" rates  in case you approve something with a typo or mistake.  

 Please email us and send a photo to


Q. How soon do I need to let you know there is a problem? 

A. As soon as possible. We only have one day to let us our sign supplier know if there is a mistake or problem so please let us know within 24 hours of delivery. While we have a little more time on other items as they say, the sooner the better.


Q. Do the reusable balloons have a warranty?

A. DuraBalloons® are the  World's Strongest Balloon!  They should last for years but sometimes they do pop.  We will replace balloons that pop in the first 30 days after you receive them.  The manufacturer recommends replacing the balloons every 6 month to due dirt and grime build up. 



We can ship to virtually any address in the United States. Please let us know if your shipping address is not your property address.  Most of our items include shipping,  For items that do not include shipping we do our best to provide estimated shipping.  

Bundles of 10 Bandits include overnight shipping. Production time for bandit bundles is 24 hours after proofs are approved.  Proofs approved on Thursday ship Friday with delivery on Monday.  Apartment Print is not responsible for carrier delays.